Fast and accurate scouting, personalised IPM advice.

The Crop-ScannerTM App is ready to increase your scouting efficiency from 14th of September 2023! The Crop-ScannerTM App is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Canada, Africa and the USA.
Other countries will follow soon.

About Crop-ScannerTM

The new Crop-ScannerTM app increases your scouting efficiency by:

Fast, easy and accurate data input

Less time spent on administration

Web dashboard for a full overview of your greenhouse, accessible anytime, anywhere

Early problem detection through visualizing of pest & disease pressure and beneficial insect presence

Traceable advice & Treatments

Personalised IPM advice through direct contact with your Biobest advisor

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Functionality of Trap-ScannerTM

Trap-ScannerTM is a feature available within the Crop-ScannerTM app. The Trap-ScannerTM function utilizes your phone's camera to take pictures of yellow sticky traps. These pictures are then analyzed by an algorithm, and the results are visualised on the Crop-ScannerTM web application.



  • Adding automatisation and standardisation
  • 6 insect species counted with one picture taken
  • Saves even more time
  • Less mistakes in sticky trap counting

What insects do we see today
with the Trap-ScannerTM?

White fly

White flies (Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Bemisia tabaci, ...) are a common pest causing damage and virus transmission in several crops during the entire growing season. Monitoring their trends offers you the insights to take correct control measurements.


Macrolophus pygmaeus is an efficient beneficial against various pests. Counting both pest and beneficial insectson sticky traps give useful insights in the trends and ratio between them and allows you to take adequate actions to prevent crop damage.

Tuta absoluta

Tuta absoluta causes gallery damage and frass to tomato crops. Although it is less common to monitor the Tuta population on yellow sticky traps, this supplies you with valuable data for decision making.


The green mirid bug Nesidiocoris tenuis is an efficient beneficial, used in Southern Europe against various pests. In North Europe, Nesidiocoris is a pest insect that damages fruits and forms necrotic rings on leaves and stems of tomato crops.


Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis,...) cause serious damage to vegetable crops as well as to ornamentals and soft fruit. A good follow up on new thrips infestations will help you to take actions timely and prevent damage.

Leaf miner

Leaf miners create galleries in the leave hindering growth. Adult leaf miners can be scouted on sticky traps, giving an indication when to expect new eggs and larva in the leaves.

Testimonial Duijvestijn

Everything starts with scouting! Crop-ScannerTM is a powerful tool that simplifies and enhances your scouting efforts. With our intuitive solution, you can easily input, digitise and centralise your scouting data. Say goodbye to traditional pen and paper methods and embrace the convenience of digital scouting.

Meet Remy van Haaster, IPM & Assistant grower at Duijvestijn, a leading producer of top-quality tomatoes. Their nearly 25-hectare location in Pijnacker yields a remarkable 17 million kilos of delicious tomatoes annually.

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